The story of the star-crossed lovers - their chance meeting, courtship, wedding and tragic deaths – are well known in our culture.  But Romeo and Juliet’s story merely skims the surface of the greater social dialogue to be explored.  In Shakespeare’s play, ordinary people, blinded by division, hatred and fear, drive society toward death and destruction.  So when two innocents - the star-crossed lovers - attempt to break the cycle, it becomes clear that the societal addiction to revenge is not so easily set aside.  

While Shakespeare’s play is over 400 years old, the cautionary tale he dramatized is still relevant today.  And so we tell the story.  Again.  In hopes that we can learn from it - and change the narrative for our own time.

Join us for an edgy take on a classic play and ask yourself - how could the ending have been avoided?

Teen Summer Shakespeare Intensive is run by theatre artist (director / teacher / costume designer) Kate Magill Robinson.   The program runs with the support of the Greenbelt Arts Center and is intended as a learning-through-doing experience for teenaged actors and technicians who will work to put together a fully staged production.  Ms. Robinson has gathered a staff of area theatre professionals to help instruct, choreograph, compose and conduct young actors and technicians as they work toward the final performances. (All adults are background check by the City of Greenbelt)

BELOW:  Photos from the 2023 production of "The Taming of the Shrew"

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